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I have a fascination for the ground beneath my feet. I look around for little scenes that contain bits and pieces dropped by pedestrians, blown by the wind, growing from beneath. My mind crops them into a scene that I call transient art, or automatic art - not created by anyone in particular, just a random happening that will soon be gone.

These images are created using acrylic paint on canvas, photos, vintage ephemera, and various other bits and pieces.

Colorful Representational Abstract Mixed-Media Collage Painting on Canvas feature Insects and Flowers
Acrylic and paper on Canvas
12 x 16"
Original Abstract Art Painting Nature Collage
Acrylic and paper on Canvas
18 x 24"
Contemporary Mixed Media Painting of a Hopscotch Game on Pavement from childhood, 1973
Acrylic, Gel Medium, Paper, Wood, Mixed Media on Canvas
30 x 30"
Original Mixed-Media Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Shawn Marie Hardy
Acrylic, Glitter, Paper, Resin, Gems, Insects
20 x 20"
Small Mixed-Media Painting on Canvas
Acrylic, Gltiter, Paper, Resin, & Emerald
10 x 10"
Featuring lots of penny candy, a melting non-pariel chocolate, and a nostalgic touch.
Acrylic, candy non-pariels, resin, and paper on canvas
8 x 8"