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You've gone into the wind; into the wind
A castaway stone, vision from skin
Gathering clouds, rising tides
Windfall high from darkening skies
A win situation; lost port of call
Sour damnation. Back to the wall.
What happened soul killer, you spirit destroyer?
Left your venomous shoes upon my foyer.

You've gone into the wind; into the wind
Erase those lines with your ugly sins
Counting the beads, saying my prayers
Peeling back the scars in layers.
Gathering tears; the joys you took
Pasting my fortune in a frayed scrapbook
"Doubts you have will soon disappear"
Doubts I had have turned to fear.

Your final decision laid on the line
and tripped like a bomb in your basement landmine
Riddled with bullets shot from your tongue.
You bathe in the blood in a war you have won.

Soul Killer