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Blue is my favorite color

Shades of Indigo Blue

Let's journey on the path of our own song.
Rain down from the Heavens as the night is long.
And silhouette the charcoal sky
here in the twinkling of Twilight.
In this empty, broken city I think of you
wrapped in shades of indigo blue.

Fall over me and take me down
to the sea far away from this lonesome town
it's frayed edges smoldering as your energy passes through.
Skin-to-skin and eye-to-eye. Your smile my final victory prize.
And this we know is finally true
as the sky turns indigo blue.

I remember the drizzle from your eyes
and how you cut me down to size
Falling from my feather bed
and through the clouds overhead.
And me pouring into you
Your crystalline pools of indigo blue.

Let's swim the gripping undertow
and dance in the neon afterglow.
Electrified, Intensified.
Let's fly to dazzling, dizzying heights,
as all our days turn into nights.
I am safe in your grand haven of sand
as we travel over sea and land
and through our dreams where the turtles sleep
emerged from titanic oceans deep.
I know I'm just the same as you.
As our paths cross into indigo blue

Shades of Indigo Blue