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In this dark night of waiting
I soar overhead in a dream
You call me from a distance
arms stretched longingly.
I can see that far ahead
the thicket of dark, bowing trees
no obstacle for your westward breeze
which stirs and shakes me
and wakes me from my sleep.

Take me down and play me
I am tuned to your key
Strum these strings and sound the band
Let me be your symphony.
I will sing to you the song of spirits
Swirl and twirl in your galaxy
of falling stars and singalongs
Come into me and play your songs.
Dance with me now in the fairy-light glow
Tempus Fugit and the clock should know.

I could be an open window.
Look into me and dream
Climb through and into my room and be my destiny
Hold me tight and keep me.
Sweep away the dust that carpets my soul
Lay with me in the dew-spangled grass
glistening below
Our bodies lay together, warm,
from the light of the electric storm
that ignited from our journey.