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One of my best friends committed suicide in 1991. She had been calling me and begging me to come and stay with her where she lived in Florida. I was unable to leave my job or my life at the time. Shawne was my rock. She was the person I knew I could turn to when things were at their worst. I was lost without her and this was one of the most devastating things that ever happened in my life. Shawne left behind a husband, a young son, parents, siblings, and many people who adored her. What an enormous loss. I still cry when I think about her almost three decades later.

When the gravity let you go
couldn't you stay by my side?
Or take me on your last ride
into the bright light
and never say goodbye?

Then the message came to say
you were on your last leg today
no hope or wonder;
just shame and melancholy
But did you really have to go that far away?

I will see you, and you will say
that your hero couldn't stay
But we shared good times and pain
and had the same name.
Did you have to fall so far into the gray?

For Shawne Marie Clifford
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