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Surreal painting / collage featuring a boy, ballerinas, an elephant, and the universe full of planets.
A Question of Balance
Acrylic and paper on Canvas
16 x 20"

Collage: Paper, Acrylic, Paint and Gesso on Canvas.

This piece was created using several thin transparent layers of independently mixed blue and green glazes that were allowed to dry completely in-between pours. A piece of lace was placed over the top of a few of these pours to achieve the pattern you see. These were followed by the orange pour at the bottom. These layers produced a luminescent background over which opacity was created using white--this white represents steam and is emitted from sources that would normally be viewed as warm, or from living beings. Over 60 individual hand-cut pieces are collaged over the top.

You can frame to your liking but the edges are painted a dark blue-green so no frame is necessary. It is varnished, wired, and ready to hang. Please understand that computer monitors vary and, while I have done my best to capture the true colors they may look different on your screen than they do on mine.

It is hard to translate this without writing a story. It is a story that is waiting to be told. One where the transparent ballerina perches precariously on top of an elephant's head, reaching for a bright star, or is she placing it there? In contrast, the dark ballerina is seen as negative space, or what lay behind the space they occupy. The implied figure to the left reaches through the fog with a ball and the boy on the left seems oblivious to any conflict. The dead fish hanging from the tree represents a lack of balance, or stability--fish are perpetual balancers and cannot swim without the stability of balance.
My work is usually spontaneous, and while my collages may seem simple, I tend to labor over each one for hours. ADD makes it very hard for me to organize, so finding just the right combination of colors and shapes is a challenge. Every piece I assemble is both a labor of love and an obstacle to cross. They are like putting together jigsaw puzzles, except I haven't seen the image beforehand.

I am a lover of the unknown; of science fiction, and the idea that there might be others out there besides us. I tend to add satire and humor to my work, and I like to place things where they don't belong. I get enough realism in real life so I unwind by creating little escape hatches that are fantastical and dreamlike. I don't usually have a preconceived idea behind these collages; they are like jigsaw puzzles that I create blindly. The story does not unfold until the work is finished and the story is different for everyone.

Keywords: planets, blue, surrealism, symbolism, boy, universe, circus, collage, cosmic, elephant, balance, ballerina

Subjects: Outer Space

Styles: Surrealism, Illustration, Expressionism

Mediums: Paper, Acrylic, Paint, Gesso