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Postcard Art, For Huddle #2 at Shoebox in Los Angeles
4 x 6"

This is my 4 x 6" postcard art for a show in Los Angeles. It's a donation to a show called HUDDLE. This is the second of its kind so it's actually HUDDLE #2. It's basically art that shows how we resist what this current administration is doing to our country. It is part of Shoebox Projects at The Brewery in L.A. Hopefully this is the 2nd of many to come. The cards sell for around $25 apiece and all proceeds go to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood and the Trevor Project.

Collage on Postcard.

My work is usually spontaneous, and while my collages may seem simple, I tend to labor over each one for hours. ADD makes it very hard for me to organize, so finding just the right combination of colors and shapes is a challenge. Every piece I assemble is both a labor of love, and an obstacle to cross.

I am a lover of the unknown; of science fiction, and the idea that there might be others out there besides us. I tend to add satire and humor to my work, and I like to place things where they don't belong. I get enough realism in real life so I unwind by creating little escape hatches that are fantastical and dreamlike. I don't usually have a preconceived idea behind these collages; they are like jigsaw puzzles that I create blindly. The story does not unfold until the work is finished and the story is different for everyone.

Fun, surreal art to wrap your head around, by Shawn Marie Hardy, aka Collage-a-Dada

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Subjects: Kids, Resist Movement, Political Art, Politics Planets, the Cosmos, Gun Control, Civil Rights, Stars...

Styles: Surrealism, Dada, Illustration