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Abstract Found object art with cardboard, metal, foil, pennies, plastic, glitter nail polish, candy wrappers, leaves, and a metal pull top lid
Two Cents Worth
Found Objects on canvas
12 x 12 x 2"

Collage: Plastic, Metal, Gesso, Chalk and Found Objects on Canvas, Cardboard, Plastic and Other.

This piece was created using items I found during a walk in my neighborhood. I saw the two pennies first and then that lovely greenish/bluish/yellowish piece of cardboard. It was raining so the cardboard was soaking wet and filthy with mud. I had to wait for it to dry over a few days and then carefully brushed the dirt away because of its fragility. Everything I picked up was dirty and wet that day, and once everything was cleaned, dried, and laid out I decided to make it appear that it was still laying out in the rain. I poured a thick layer of Golden self-leveling gel over it and let it dry. Items used: Acrylic paint, cardboard, various paper bits, leaves, plastic bits, foil, metal pull tab lid, pennies, glass bits, a straw, wooden bead, pastel, nail polish, tape, self-leveling gel.

My work is usually spontaneous, and while my collages may seem simple, I tend to labor over each one for hours. ADD makes it very hard for me to organize, so finding just the right combination of colors and shapes is a challenge. Every piece I assemble is both a labor of love, and an obstacle to cross.

I am a lover of the unknown; of science fiction, and the idea that there might be others out there besides us. I tend to add satire and humor to my work, and I like to place things where they don't belong. I get enough realism in real life so I unwind by creating little escape hatches that are fantastical and dreamlike. I don't usually have a preconceived idea behind these collages; they are like jigsaw puzzles that I create blindly. The story does not unfold until the work is finished and the story is different for everyone.

I also love creating textural items from found objects. This is one of them.

Keywords: Pavement, Trash To Treasure, Rain, Rubbish, Black, Trash Art, Trash, Mixed Media, Abstract Expressionism, Oregon, Abstract, Found Object

Subjects: Abstract

Styles: Abstract, Abstract Expressionism, Expressionism

Mediums: Plastic, Metal, Gesso, Chalk, Found Objects