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There you go again.
One step forward; two steps back.
Leaves me guessing along the track.
I can't keep you
and you can't take me anywhere.
We're running in the red
But here you are in my easy chair
Cross-legged. Fighting
the war in your head.
Weaving promises on a dare.
Contemplating plans and schemes
They sound good hanging in the air
before they fall and disappear
Like forgotten dreams.

Here you are again
Two steps forward: one step back
An arm's length away
with just enough slack
You reeled me in
With love, confessed.
A perfect catch and release
An appetizer, at best
Alluding to a four-course feast
Your demons check you
at the gate you built
Just enough shame to trigger the guilt
But not enough to keep you from the lake.
To satisfy the three-year ache.
The wire is thinning; soon to snap.
You threw me back.
Piece of cake.

There you go again.
All the way back.
Back to the demons
who twisted the ring
Where you can keep on wrestling.
Back to the imaginary safety zone
And the nexus from which you roam
The only foundation we ever had
is the rug that you pulled
from under my feet
Isn't love sad?
Isn't life sweet?
When you can pull in the line
and go home in retreat?

Broken Lines