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Pour me a little wine
Give me a little of your time
You want to come by
and be mine for a while,
with your ever-changing paradigms?
What is it going to be?
Is it love that you feel?
What do you get from me?
Please tell me that it's real

Are you really happy
seizing the day,
only to turn and give it away
along with a little seduction
when I happen around?
I left the hermitage of my own construction
to end this long abstention
Jumped aboard your merry-go-round
to feel alive again

I heard the train whistle blow
through the trees outside my window
Its melancholic parting song
the saddest notes ever heard
I lay awake pining, alone,
hopeful, as the night is long
Break free and send me a word
Tell me that I'm not all wrong
or willfully playing the fool

In my dreams, you'll come back soon
Long enough to make me smile
I'll pour my spirit into you.
My heart will run a marathon mile
Every time I look at you
I'll smell the scent of your skin
as the second-hand races
While love's aurora shimmers
bright upon our faces.

Please, just stop the time.
And pour me a little wine.

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