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A bright yellow colorfield with rainbow hills of springtime lollies. A regular Candy land
Spring Lollies
Acrylic paints & mediums and glass beads on canvas
16 x 16"

I have always shied away from using yellow in my artwork. I’m not sure why because yellow is such a vibrant and happy color. I love a yellow kitchen. I grew up in a yellow kitchen and it was always a warm and sunny place to be. After realizing that I only had two tubes of yellow paint in my inventory, I decided to use those two yellows to create this whimsical and happy painting. I have also expanded my variations of yellow and I’m now up to five different shades in the paint drawer.

This art piece would be perfect in a smaller space, a child’s room, or in a nursery.

This was created using archival materials. The certificate of authenticity will be included in the purchase of this painting.

Price includes insured shipping in the USA. If you reside outside of the US please contact me so I can include your discounted shipping rate (I will deduct $15 from your overseas shipping cost but you will be responsible for any VAT or other taxes). All overseas items will be shipped via registered mail and you will have to sign for the item.