Shawn Marie Hardy: Collage-a-Dada

Latest work: "A Question of Balance", 16 x 20" Mixed Media on Canvas, Completed June, 2017
My creations emerge from the subconscious; from a place where dreams, memories and fears reside. They mingle, marry, and evolve into captured snapshots of my psyche. As a surrealist, with a leaning toward Dadaism, my work tends to be mysterious and dreamlike but there are times when it seems more appropriate to switch gears and dabble in things more realistic, like plein air drawing, photography, or complete abstraction. The surrealist artist Dorothea Tanning once said, "It's hard to be always the same person." I concur.

It is often difficult to make the first mark on a substrate but once I get going I ride the wave for as long as it crests. I work slowly and perhaps a bit too deliberately--I've been working on coloring outside the lines for decades--but I create to be true to myself. That is the best I can do. Sometimes it's a game of hide and seek with the muse always being the one to hide, but she always comes back.

Shawn Marie Hardy, Collage-a-Dada