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Statue of Liberty and her patriotic friends are winning this pinball game in a far off galaxy shared by planet Earth, by Shawn Marie Hardy
Pinball Supergalaxy: Or How Miss Liberty Got Her Stars and Stripes
Analog Collage: 40+ Handcut Pieces
11 x 14"

She holds her torch up very high
conquering the starry sky
She fought, she won; she's quite the dame
Champion of this pinball game

Handcut collage with at least 40 pieces. Inspired by our recent political climate.

Collage: Paper on Paper.

My work is usually spontaneous, and while my collages may seem simple, I tend to labor over each one for hours. ADD makes it very hard for me to organize, so finding just the right combination of colors and shapes is a challenge. Every piece I assemble is both a labor of love, and an obstacle to cross.

I am a lover of the unknown; of science fiction, and the idea that there might be others out there besides us. I tend to add satire and humor to my work, and I like to place things where they don't belong. I get enough realism in real life so I unwind by creating little escape hatches that are fantastical and dreamlike. I don't usually have a preconceived idea behind these collages; they are like jigsaw puzzles that I create blindly. The story does not unfold until the work is finished and the story is different for everyone.

This is an original one-of-a-kind analog (hand cut and pasted) collage / montage made from paper ephemera (about 40 pieces) and Golden Gel Medium. About 11 x 14 unframed. Ready to mat and frame to your liking. Fun, surreal art to wrap your head around, by Shawn Marie Hardy, aka Collage-a-Dada

Note: Collage pricing is based on total square inches + number of pieces + time. I'm happy to answer your questions.

Keywords: pinball, planets, stars, universe, Statue of Liberty, outer space, stars and stripes, freedom, galaxy, game, liberty

Subjects: Pop Culture/Celebrity

Styles: Dada, Surrealism, Illustration

Mediums: Paper