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I’ve always known that I‘d eventually run into this situation. After noticing collages by other artists, with the same identical images that I’ve used in my own collage work, I decided to try creating my own elements to cut out and arrange. I started playing around with artificial intelligence (AI) art generators to see what would manifest and I’m very pleased with the results. I seem to have a knack for prompting the generators to produce exactly what I’m looking for. These are one of a kind elements, at least until somebody decides to use my art in their collages.

Utilizing this new technology is an adventure for me. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of worlds I can create using artificial intelligence and Procreate. I’ve had mixed feelings about using AI art generators but I see it as being no different than cutting images from books and magazines. My keywords and prompts are generating an image that can be compared to an existing printed image—the difference is that I will no longer see identical images in other artists’ collages. After the images are generated, I can “cut” bits out using the erase tool in Procreate and arrange them just like I do in my hand-cut collages. The process is time consuming and tedious but I love the final outcome.