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The first Honor With Art project began in early 2005 as a way to turn some of my personal fears and guilt into something positive. As the survivor of a near-abduction when I was twelve, I found myself fearing the same for my daughter. Guilt came later as I realized that by opting out of testifying against my perpetrator, I may have been responsible for letting him go free, however, I never did find out what became of him, or whether he actually ended up in court. All I know for sure was that I was lucky to have escaped a man who ultimately chased me down when I refused to get into his car.

Response to my initial "call to artists" in 2006 was astounding. Over 100 people signed up to participate--almost all of them did. Early on I thought the project would be finished by now, but we are still only halfway through, although, the hardest part is done--my goal of filling a huge "altered book" has been reached. I filled that book and created a lovely, one-of-a-kind masterpiece with the beautiful artwork that was donated by some amazing and very talented artists.

Both the front and back cover of the book were designed by me, but the highlight of the front cover is a lovely 5 x 7" glass panel that was created by glass artist, Dawn Lee Thompson. This image was perfect for this book, and is a true reflection of the vision I had when I embarked on the project. I can't imagine anything else on the cover.

Please note: the photos I have included will be replaced by better quality photos with more detail very soon. I felt the need to put this up for now while I am doing a million other things. Please feel free to contact me with questions, and please check out the Honor with Art website for more information, although, I haven't kept it as up to date as I should. You can read more about my experience and find a list of contributors there, until I update this page further.

I will also add images of all the leftover art as well. If you are an artist who donated work and you don't see your piece in the book, don't be alarmed--every last bit of donated art will go in the box that will contain the altered book as part of this project. All submitted art can be seen on the Honor With Art website in the Gallery.

A list of all the original artists who signed up is as follows:

Shawn Marie Hardy - USA (back cover finished)
Graeme Downes - New Zealand (lyric sheet received)
Richard Davies - Australia/USA (lyric sheets received)
Robert Pollard - USA (also find a link to the band Guided By Voices here: (collage received)
Tobin Sprout - USA (also find him at (painting received)
Gianmarco Liguori - New Zealand (can also be found at (art received)
Buzz Moller - New Zealand (listen to Voom's songs on myspace)
Chris Knox - New Zealand (can also be found here: The Tall Dwarfs and here too at Flying Nun) (artwork received)
Alec Bathgate - New Zealand (artwork received)
David Kilgour - New Zealand (can also be found at The Clean and also here at Flying Nun)
Gaylene - New Zealand (photography and poem received)
Carl James - USA/New Zealand (demo cd received)
Robert Scott - New Zealand (artwork received)
Nive Nielsen - Greenland
Natalia Malo - USA (cd received)
Robin C. McGee USA (artwork received)
John Paul Thornton - USA (artwork received)
Martin Devine - Scotland (painting received)
Donna Gill Colestock - USA (artwork received)
Dawn Lee Thompson -USA (glass work for front cover received)
David Lester - CANADA (painting received)
Misty Mawn - USA (paintings received)
Kris Jean - USA (LOTS OF ATC'S received)
Mark Esper - USA (Recording device received)
Lauren Abrams - USA (drawing received)
Heide Reed Hibbard - USA (artwork received)
Jennifer Neubauer -USA (artwork received)
Roland Hardy - no website USA (artwork received)
Eric Hardy - no website USA (artwork received)
Angela Gue - USA (paintings received)
Noelle Hunt - CANADA (artwork received)
Heather Sims - Germany (painting received)
Tracey Allyn Greene - USA (artwork received)
Shaun Ferguson - U.K. (painting received)
Barbara Ferguson - U.K. (painting received)
Andrew Spittle (DATING GODOT) - NEW ZEALAND (artwork received)
Sally Lonie - NEW ZEALAND (artwork received)
D. M. Rice - USA (paintings received)
Treasurefield - Alisa R.
Jamie Atkinson - USA (print received)
D.E. Andersen - USA (quilt received)
Shawna L. Handke - USA (artwork received)
Marie Anakee - USA (painting received)
J. B. Davis - USA (painting received)
Malaga Smith - USA - (contribution received)
Ramona - USA (pendant received)
Amy L. Burns - USA (artwork received)
Lauren King - USA
Jet Tenley - USA (stuffed animal received)
Lisa Rough - USA (artwork received)
Valdir Canado - São Paulo, BRAZIL
Peter Fisher - U.K.
Cheryl Walker - USA
Cheri Nelson - USA (artwork received)
Muriel Areno - USA (bio received - artwork on the way)
Sharon Foster - USA (ATC prints, mini art & pins received)
Lauren's Designs - She Rocks Gallery - USA (brooch received)
Laurie Walker - USA (ATC received)
Chris Trueman - USA (artwork received)
Trish Laffrenere - CANADA
Serrana Kassamali - USA (no website yet)
Mark MacCallum - USA (metalwork received)
K. McMullen - USA
MMicky Shine - USA (art & poetry received)
Cheryl A. Martin - USA (artwork & poem receievd)
Louise Rill - USA (poem received)
Laura L. Tolchinsky - USA (painting received)
Ella Hardy-Spittle - USA (art doll received)
Marjie Parsons - USA (artwork received)
Betty Refour - USA (paintings received)
Jaymee Dever - USA (artwork received)
Leyline - Brazil (song, "Missing Children" received)
Paddy Slattery - Ireland (cd received)
Kendra Leighty - USA (art received)
Aileen Kushner - USA (no website) (collage received)
Deborah Sprague - USA (artwork received)
Chihiro Machiya - Japan (artwork received)
Mary J. Sheridan - USA
Brittany Heskett - USA (artwork received)
Dawn Petty - USA (artwork received)
Nicole Resseguie - USA (artwork received)
Curtis C Kohl - USA (painting received)
Yan D.Soloh - Montreal, Quebec, Canada (3 pieces received)
Douglas Stambler - USA (MP3 - song received))
Barefoot Artist - USA (artwork received)
Jacquie Janzen Yee - Canada
Doris David - USA (artwork received)
Cindy Sampson - USA
Micah McClaine - USA (artwork received)
Chrysti - USA (artwork received)
Emma Milburn - New Zealand
Marjorie Spittle - New Zealand (poem received)
Christoper L. Wheeler - USA (artwork received)
Amber Wheeler - USA (artwork received)
Adele Henderson - USA (photo received)
Heather Mathieson - USA (ATC - artist trading card received)
April Dolkar - New Zealand (photo received)
Rosana Kelton - USA
Alicia M. B. Ballard - CANADA (artwork received)
Tammy Kushnir - USA (artwork received)