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Featuring lots of penny candy, a melting non-pariel chocolate, and a nostalgic touch.
Penny Candy and Periwinkle
Acrylic, candy non-pariels, resin, and paper on canvas
8 x 8"

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An ongoing theme since my early days as an artist has been creating scenes on pavement. I find wherever I go I am looking at the ground around me, and my eyes seem to naturally divert to these little scenes of transient beauty.

I love the textures you find in concrete. I remember walking along a sidewalk in East Lansing, Michigan in 1984 when my friend Jennifer and I carved our names, and the date, into a patch of newly-poured cement. This past summer I took my daughter Ella back to that spot and showed her where we left our mark twenty-six years ago. Since then, I imagine that patch of concrete has had leaves and paper strewn over it's surface, only to be blown away by wind, or kicked away by the feet of passersby. It is with this thought in mind that I find myself in love with the idea of creating permanent scenes out of otherwise transient ones.

My vision in this scene is of some friends who have just spent their allowance at the corner store, much like my brothers and I did when we were little. They've come together on a summer day to compare their treats, but one poor child spilled his bag of goodies all over the sidewalk and left it. After awhile the chocolate nonpareil starts melting into the crevices and a few butterflies land to enjoy the sugary treats.