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My heart is aching
The foot pedal's braking
You drop it in reverse;
your steps, retracing
Now I can't see the light
that leads to a brighter place
nothing feels warm or right
in this lonely, forsaken space
The sun is shining
but all I feel is rain

If I could just listen to the night
and ride the quiet stillness
into the first pink of dawn
maybe then it would be alright
If I could just push the time along
or give up the hopeless fight
that you've already won
I could set the story straight
cross over to to the exit lane
and carry on

But I'm stuck on the back burner
I need some relief
Let's close this page-turner
Pull me off the wire and
out of this sorrowful dream
I'm stuck in a quagmire;
sinking like a deadweight anchor
I need a hand to push me upstream
to the open sea
You could be the one to set me free

A call from out of the blue
like a knife twist to the heart
and a case of déjà vu
It gets harder to tell them apart
There has to be more
than waiting in this black void
for your face at my door
and this fading image on celluloid
that is taped to my mirror
Yet, I am here still
Like dead weight