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One strange night when I couldn't sleep,
I tried my hand at counting some sheep.
But I heard a noise that made me jump;
an odd little scrape and a thumpety-thump.
A shadow moved and caught my attention.
I wondered why, without comprehension,
the curtains were swaying to and fro
when I had bolted the window.
Then, the next thing that gave me a start,
a faintly audible beating heart.
I thought of Edgar Allan Poe;
his telltale heart and that old black crow.
Then suddenly, perched upon my table,
a gargoyle said, "Hello, I'm Mabel."
I rubbed my eyes. I must be dreaming.
Then, Mabel the gargoyle started screaming.
"I don't mean to scare you but I thought you should know.
A ghost just flew in the window!"
My teeth started chattering. I started to twitch,
when just past the window, a broom and a witch.
I know this sounds crazy but really, it's true.
The moon in the distant sky had turned blue!
I didn't know whether to laugh or cry
when the very corner of my eye
caught a little red devil running around
and he disappeared right into the ground.
I called for my mother, but no sound came.
I called for my dad with results much the same.
So I pulled the covers up over my head
then I heard the sounds from under the bed:
moaning, groaning, a rattling chain.
Whoever he is he must be in pain.
Then, under the covers, two glowing lights
distracted my thoughts on this horrible night.
Those burning embers under the sheets
glowing red, and then redder, than a bowl full of beets.
With Poe as the theme, it must be a cat
but what flew from the covers? A vampire bat!
Out the window he went, grinning a grin
and the ghost followed too, my head was in a spin.
Then Mabel leapt down and bade me farewell
and she hasn't returned as far as I can tell.
As fast as they came, they left just as soon.
Why they were here on that strange night in June
I'll never know so I can't tell you,
but don't try to count sheep when the moon is blue.

When the Moon is Blue
Short Story