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Hand cut analog collage 5 x 5” surrealism dada Brady Bunch Pie
Brady Pie
Hand Cut Analog Collage
5 x 5”

I’m parting with some of my older art and letting it go at criminally-low prices.

This is an original, hand cut, one-of-a-kind collage / montage made from paper and Golden Gel Medium on foam core . 5x5" square, unframed. Ready to frame to your liking. I have made several of these 5x5" collages and they would look fantastic as a grouping. Shipping is included in the price and will be sent via first class mail.

Fun, surreal art to wrap your brain around, by award-winning artist, Shawn Marie Hardy

Price is good in the US and US territories only. If you are overseas please inquire. Shipping will be calculated depending on where you live.