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This land is tucked inside a secret passageway near the Strait of Girbralter. To get there you must first find the lilac bush, climb through it and past the snake, and drink the liquid the little girl is pouring into her spoon. It tastes of pomegranite and cherries and makes you very very small. It is possible this is the same potion that Alice drank in Wonderland. You follow the Tradewinds west along the equator to the Doldrums, then catch the Queen Alize north to the Strait. Find the ripple in the eastern sky just as the moon appears on the horizon. The ripple is actually a curtain that appears sometimes as a bolt of lightning, but don't be alarmed, nobody has every been harmed by it's electricity. Duck behind the curtain, and there you'll be too.

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To the Wisdom of Youth
To the Wisdom of Youth
Mixed Media on Canvas Board
8 x 10"