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This piece was inspired by the mysteries of life, and how one minute things can be peaceful and calm, then the next there is complete upheaval. But to keep things in line, focusing on the joys and beauty in life eases the storm within. This piece was done using layers and layers of Golden acrylic paints over a heavily textured background, where I also wrote sentences that came into my mind at that moment. There is no rhyme, reason, or logic behind them - at least consciously. I used an image transfer for Serefina's face, vintage magazine clippings, photo images enhanced with Derwent Inktense colored pencils, a pair of vintage rhinestone earrings (hard to see in the photo) - one for Serefina's ear and one for the bird's pendant, vintage book clippings, and magic!


Serefina's Dream
Serefina's Dream
Acrylic, Image Transfer, Mixed Media, & magic on Canvas
24 x 30"