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from somewhere in the came and went

We went to the Dreamtime
a place called Cape Illusion
Across the land of the red sand tides
and aborigine visions
where the sun dissects the passersby
in a race against the thunderous sky

I know your name and where you are from
How your puzzle pieces fall
How chaos churns adventure
from the gloom of the funhouse wall
As bathhouse beauties call for you
Laughing Sal mimics the kookaburra's call.

You've wanted to ride the wind with me
bareback to the city
but your angel chains you to the saddle
a prisoner of reality
Laws delivered with speechless tongues
to those who show no pity

With wooden nickels we've made bail
Demons come with swords and things
to pluck you from a handmade jail
and praise you for the songs you sing
Flightless dreams upon the mantle
replaced by a golden wedding ring

Finite numbers fall from the trees
You wake to find your senses
Your curious thirst is quenched by these
and what could be the chances
that still a missing puzzle piece
will find you in repentance.

Of all the colors swirling 'round
and washed up on the shore
the red and turquoise labyrinth
will beckon us once more
And buffalo still roam the plains
where the sun sets in the west
The passersby wave a last goodbye
their demons have been blessed
in the Dreamtime.

copyright 2007

In the Dreamtime