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Cold withered moonlight courts the summer sky
Unwed and fickle he shines like new
Cautious running streams cut crosswise through the plains
elegantly drenched in electric blue
The Youth Brigade are lining up as
freedom runs down too
The thieves of wild life must hide
as Dawn makes her way into sunrise
waking the night time dreamers
She kisses the gold crosses that line the plains
With coloured flags and paper streamers
she waves a welcome
as the blue moon's spirit wanes
Tin soldiers dot the land all in a row
They have fought a simple war
on paper boats in our backyard
with water-lily shores
One by one they shoot out the stars
while summer sleep still lingers
And all the kings in casual garb
keep drumming with their fingers
They march through Patriot's Harbour
to the Liar's Palace today
Sunrise kisses the east good-bye,
prepares to court the summer sky,
and slowly leads the way.

Night Time Dreamers