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Written with silliness in mind; for my daughter when she a little girl.

My house is full of music
Music in my feet
Music in my hair
It is in my Kitchen
It is in my Lair
Come listen with me baby
I will take you there
There's music in my pocket
and music in my soul
Music in the oven
and in my cereal bowl
I hear it in the closet
and even in the den
I hear it after the noise ordinance starts at 10.
I've got music in my panties
so I'll throw 'em on the stage
There's music here for everyone
of every single age.
Some'll make you happy
and some'll bring a tear.
I'll serve it to you nice and loud
so listen very clear.
My house is full of music
It flows in through the water
and permeates the air.
If you want some music
just come and visit me.
I've got just about everything
except for Kenny G.

My House is Full of Music