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Metal Race cars and rusty tracks with leaves and flowers on the pavement.
Waiting for the Race to Begin
acrylic, paper, pastel, synthetic stones and cabochons, ceramic and celluloid flowers, vintage 1960s metal formula 1 race car, metal hoop, fabric, and rhinestones on canvas
12 x 12"

Experimenting with mixed media has always been a favorite pastime. So has collecting little trinkets from days gone by. Waiting for the Race was inspired by a 1963 Parker Brothers board game called Formula 1. I had the game and it was pretty well trashed so I saved the metal race cars and I am finally, after decades, using them in art projects. I have also incorporated celluloid and porcelain flowers, various cabochons and beads, hand-cut paper leaves, and a few other surprises. The race track is a metal floral ring, treated and painted to look rusty and worn.

This was created using archival materials. A certificate of authenticity will be included in the purchase of this painting.

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