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Orbs descending is inspired by the artists Richard Diebenkorn and Yves Tanguy. Wide open, desolate landscape with pastel colors. Earth looms in the sky.
Orbs Descending
Acrylic paint & mediums, litho crayons, oil pastel on canvas
24 x 20”

This is a painting that explores loneliness and, at the same time, the peaceful solitude I have felt since the beginning of the lockdown during COVID19. I have spent a lot of time expressing the frustrations that have kept me a prisoner in my home, and away from society, through my paint and brushes. I am much more cautious than many and haven’t allowed anyone into my house. I have seen very few people in person and have longed for the time when we can travel freely again. This has inspired many vivid dreams of wide, empty landscapes. There is a sense of foreboding in them but also the sense that I will get through it with perseverance.

Artists who came to mind while I was creating this are Richard Diebenkorn and Yves Tanguy.

This piece was created using archival materials and a Certificate of Authenticity will be included in the purchase of this painting.

Price includes insured shipping in the USA. No overseas shipping on large paintings at this time.

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